Got Ants?

Some people think that there is an ant hill under the entire Inland Empire. During the dry months the colonies make expeditions into homes in search of water. We are experts at solving this problem - using long term solutions.

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If you see droppings in your home, you know who to call:  No Pests Rancho Cucamonga.  There is nothing worse than the smell of a dead rodent in your attic, crawl space, or in your walls. If you see a mouse or rat running through your home or garage - call and we will address the problem right away!

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Bees & Wasps

When there is an angry swarm of bees or wasps on your property, we know that we need to respond right away to the problem.  We will drop what we are doing to get rid of this menace.  We have been handling emergencies like this for decades!

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Here at No Pests Rancho Cucamonga we strive to keep the residents in this city free of harmful pests, animals and insects. We service home and landscapes of any size. We service businesses and commercial establishments. We can even tell you if you’ve got plants that can attract pests, animals and insects to your home and land.There are a variety of plant and house-eating pests here and we’re the pros that you can trust to get your home and landscape healthy and keep it that way.

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We’ve been in the area a very long time and have built a solid reputation that we’re proud of. Our reputation is due to the unwavering service and the quality we provide. Once you know or suspect the presence of unwanted intruders, No Pest Rancho Cucamonga is the company to call. We take what we do very seriously and we feel that to us, it’s not just a job. It’s a real life-long dedicated career. We have generations working for us and intend to leave a legacy behind for generations to come. As the world evolves and becomes more crowded, our towns and suburbs drive the wildlife closer to our homes and families. This means that indigenous pests you’ve not seen before are now making themselves known. They can be destructive as well so that’s why calling us should be your first order of business.

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The Secret to our Success

First, we make certain that we hire only devoted people. Working for No Pests Rancho Cucamonga is not like any other pest control company. It’s a ever growing career. This means as the pests evolve, so does the treatment. We change as the years go by and make certain the staff and their skills are evolving with it. We are a Green company and do our very best to ensure that your home is safe from harm to family and pets. At the same time, we know the solutions to use to effectively remove pests from your home.


We have several layers of experience in various niches within the pest control genre to offer. From those that have the right stuff in terms of specialization to those who have the years behind them to look, see and tell what the issue is. You see, it’s more than sitting in class and then apprenticing here at No Pests Rancho Cucamonga. Here, we make certain our employees can look at  a home or landscape and tell where there has been rats and mice; wildlife and pests; bugs and invasions you would never see coming until it was too late.

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We make certain our employees are akin to chemists in this industry. That means having enough staff to cover that’s experienced while several times a year we have others being educated as the industry changes. This means the moment you call us, whether you’re a new or existing client, you know you’re getting the best people with the best experience.

You can research the basics of pest control on Wikipedia by pasting this link:

Our combined knowledge is there to serve you in the best way possible at No Pests Rancho Cucamonga

Our Promise to You

It’s a great plus to have knowledge and experience, but it’s only a small part of the equation when you’re talking about pleasing people the right way. We’re very devoted to the people we serve and we know that as a business, with so much competition, there’s an art to keeping people. We have had the same customers for so many years we can’t count them and if you ask them, you’ll soon find out that they love the honest service. Once we go into a home for residential pest control to meet the owner and see the landscape, we can then do an honest assessment of what’s going on. We know that some of our customers are on a budget and pest control is not at the top of the priority for them although in some cases it should be for the health of the home and landscape. We’re able to work with our customers in this way.

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We can break down the service agreement and make sure to tackle things one at a time that reflect the most urgent service needed.This way, we can also interject some prevention while we wait to handle other of your listed priorities. Our extermination services philosophy is, that there is always a way. We will find a way to serve our customers the best in every area. We want to earn your business and the only way to do it is to provide honest to goodness service. As well as have effective plans for each customer. Each of you are unique, like a fingerprint and though the pests may be the same, we’ll never treat you like a number.


I’ve been using No Pests Rancho Cucamonga for 3 years. I couldn’t see using anyone else. I am very pleased and as much as  I hate bugs, I am grateful!

~Armondo C., Rancho Cucamonga

I have several businesses and It’s really convenient that all I have to do is call them and they already know my property. It means now, i don’t have to travel to all these places which takes time out of my day to visit and I know they are there.

~Maryanne R., Rancho Cucamonga

There is no better pest control company that I know. I have gone through several in a few years and felt that this one was very professional. This is a well uniformed bunch of great guys and gals that really know their stuff.

~Armondo P., Rancho Cucamonga

I went through several pest control companies because I wasn’t satisfied on any level from the lack of professionalism and punctuality to so many other things. These people are very spot on the way I need a pest control company to be.

~Christine J.,  Rancho Cucamonga

I love these guys! They are always on time and the work they do is always long lasting and thorough. If this sounds like something that all companies should be doing, you are correct only they don’t and these people are more than satisfactory thank you!

~Austin B., Fontana

I have a few restaurants around the county and this company has been so good for my business, being in food and all that when I opened the last three out of the county I called them and paid for them to drive to my business to treat it. When I decide to trust a company then I don’t let them go. I intend to keep them with me and I recommend them highly.

~Dale A., Upland

It makes prudent business sense to hire a good pest control company. I mean, I am really speaking to the value of a pest control company as a must have for a business. This is a great service, I love the packages that they offer. It is an economical way for me to take care of my business and not risk my clients and reputation. There is nothing like the peace of mind

~Andrew W., Claremont

I came across this company through word of mouth in town five years ago and never turned back. I decided to do a review because I felt they are deserving. Why so late? Because they do such good work all year long but this particular time it was the best. I was expecting company that was unannounced and they were important people to my job and such and there was a panic, i had three days and we had discovered a roach issue that was getting bad. The pest control company showed up and secured the situation two days in a row giving my home a special hard-hitting treatment that thank goodness lasted through the time my company was at the house, I was still nervous but not a roach did i notice so I am sold on these people and the way they go above and beyond.

~Amanda H., Montclair


Rancho cucamonga pest control

We at No Pests Rancho Cucamonga are dedicated to exemplary service to our customers. We’ve served the area for over 30 years and are a family owned and operated business in the Rancho Cucamonga area.  There are many benefits to having a pest control company based in your hometown.

Is there a pest extermination emergency?  Rats, mice, bees or wasps?  Call now!

As the years go by, pests and bugs can evolve, wreaking havoc on the health and well-being of your plants and home. In fact, pest control has evolved into something that’s more than just a guy walking around with a little roach spray in a container on his back. We have to be chemists as well as a health department for your home and landscape.


We’ve developed every end of our company to cover all the bases. We make certain you aren’t declaring war on nature just to kill or ward off pests. Here at No Pests Rancho Cucamonga we are constantly involved in educating ourselves and our staff about the way pests evolve. For example, we treat lawns for fleas.

Many pet owners are still using the same popular name-brand flea killers on their pets. But, did you know that it has been a couple of generations of fleas since the development of these products? This means immunity has also developed. So, the lawn must be treated also with an updated chemical that does the job but also doesn’t kill the grass or poison the water table. Our goal is to be the premier pest control company in the Inland Empire.

Another fine example is the Zika virus. Our staff is up to date on the information about Zika and treating it before a viral mosquito strikes or breeds. Our blog is dedicated to educating our customers about Zika as well as updates on flea and roach treatment immunity. It’s scary to think that the same old treatments are being laughed at by our pests and wildlife but it’s a truth that has to be deal with and No Pests Rancho Cucamonga is not backing down.

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We promise that we will deliver the best and most thorough service possible. We’ll start with the free assessment. We go the extra mile by doing a walk around with you to explain what the issues are that you have to face. We then give you a free written estimate. If there is a financial concern we will do our best to work with you. We will always organize your treatment with priority first and then schedule less imperative treatments for a later date. There is nothing that could inconvenience us in helping you.

We have moderate price plans to help you continue the treatment you need far beyond the initial one. We can’t stress the importance of servicing your home and the landscape regularly. Infestations in hot counties like ours is very common and more than one at a time is even more common.

We do everything in our power to make that all possible for you to do. We will set up a custom made service plan just for you. Visit our service page and call us for a free quote and assessment appointment at your earliest convenience.


We deliver fast estimates that are guaranteed free the same day. Regardless of how small or large your home, we will give you a walk around to show you where you issues are and we will deliver the who, what , when, where and why of the job to be done.

You can be certain that we will never use a product, chemical or method of operation that we do not believe in. We will always discuss the situation prior to any work method being put in place. Sometimes circumstances arise that are beyond our control and we have to change the plan a bit. No change will ever be executed without your express approval after we’ve given you an explanation.

We make it simple for you to call and make an appointment. You never have to worry about spending what you can’t at the moment. The estimates are free and the service plan will written and discussed with you first. Why do we do this?

We do this so you don’t have to worry about what happens when you leave the home or landscape untreated. Termites, rats, mice and other vermin will eat there way through wires and drywall plaster. They can cause costly damage and can even cause a fire hazard. We’ve witnessed that more than once.

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