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No Pests Rancho Cucamonga has decades of experience serving homeowners, apartment managers, property managers and Realtors in the Inland Empire. Once we help one family we often end up helping many other families on the same block. We even keep one of our trucks in Corona so we can solve your pest problems fast!

Since we started off in Rancho Cucamonga, we have been helping homeowners and property managers control pest and termite problems. We work with people in Los Angeles and Orange County that mainly have residential and commercial properties.

We promptly assess and address prevailing pest infestations. This is important in dealing with any future issues that may arise from this.

With our demonstrated techniques and an integrated approach to pest control, we will deal with these destructive and unwanted creatures. They include:

Ants, fleas, termites, roaches, spiders, carpet beetles, silverfish, pantry pests, bees, mosquitoes, rats, mice, skunks, gophers, bed bugs, and much more Birds

We also provide these additional termite control and related services like Termite inspections, Wood Repair, Fumigations, Escrow reports, Spot treatments and Annual control services.

Continuing follow-through

You will receive our year round pest management service for perpetual peace of mind and protection. Our grounds-care maintenance keeps your greenery thriving month after month.

Guaranteed guard against termites

Our Termite Home Protection Service ensures that termites stay gone.

Cutting-edge technology

Our licensed technicians use the most efficient and up-to-date pest control and lawn care methods, materials and equipment.

Humane approach

Whether we are removing pests or treating your lawn and garden, we employ the most helpful strategies available.

Peace of mind

Whether you need an audit, to have your building certified or approved for organic or kosher products, we will be there to lend an assisting hand. We store detailed records and help you to effectively stay compliant with any rules and regulations that have been set up.

Mindful of nature

We have a sizeable number of GreenPro-certified technicians trained in integrated pest management (IPM) and green practices than any other pest control or extermination company.

You Have Our Word

We guarantee 100 percent that your pest control service will be done right, every time. If it isn’t, please let us know, and we will make it right.Rancho Cucamonga Pest Control Services

No Pests Rancho Cucamonga is a family owned and operated pest control company that has been serving the Rancho Cucamonga area for decades. We are true professionals that will never send anyone apart from our own employees to your home.

Our employees are professionally licensed and insured by the company itself and will arrive to your home uniformed with company ID and an extermination vehicle that complies with all environmental laws both county and federal. We take our pest control service very seriously.

We also take your health and safety just as seriously. Pest control is a concern for all the residents in the area. We have has infestations of scorpion, roach , rat and more.  Some of these pests are dangerous and even deadly to people ad animals and some, such as the rat will carry disease such as Hantavirus in western regions.

Do all pest control companies really know what they are doing with pest control for the Rancho Cucamonga area. No, not every company does. We believe in having our own employees and we invest in the ever-changing education on the pests that invade our county. There is never and will never be a blanket cure for every pest.

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What really happens in the world of pests

The truth of the matter is, pests evolve and the reason why we have employees only and we invest in the education is because it’s an ever-changing world. Did you know that even the topical flea treatments you give your dog becomes obsolete?

It does and not - even Vets are providing internal treatments that are much more effective. The same can be said about roaches and other pests like rats and mice that carry disease. We provide the specializations that are needed to combat and conquer the pests you need to conquer.

Services Offered

Roach Control: Roaches seem to be a staple of Rancho Cucamonga simply due to the heat and the favorable terrain. We know there are several types. Some cockroaches will fly and others will just breed like crazy. We are urging you to call us the moment you notice even one roach. Where there is one there is more and if you see babies, that is even more urgent. The quicker you can stop an infestation, the better.

Rat and Mice Infestation: Rats and mice are no stranger to our state. That’s all the more reason why we are the most professional experts at exterminating rats and mice. This is just the same as treating roaches in the way of the infestation: if you see signs or see a rat or mouse you must call ASAP. So, how are you able to tell if you may have rats or mice?

One of the first signs and the most significant and obvious, is seeing droppings. One secret we will tell you is the difference between rat and mouse droppings and that of a lizard. We get calls from people that have put themselves through a lot of unnecessary stress because they notices an abundance of droppings. When we arrived at the home we found the droppings to be that of a lizard and this is how you will know.

Lizards do not urinate; therefore, when they drink liquid, they it will become a solid and turn the droppings black and white. If the color is white in any form, it is not a rat or a mouse. Rat or mouse droppings are black or dark brown and shiny typically but there will be no white present.

Flea Extermination: Fleas sometimes take more than just a bomb. It may take treatment of the lawn and the inside of the home. We are the best in the business and will certainly discuss the best way to deal with  your unique situation.

Silverfish and Mites: Dust mites and mites that live in your bed, {bedbugs are different} are no laughing matter. They not only bite and itch, you breath the waste from them in and cause respiratory issues that may barely be detectable but get worse as time goes by.

Silverfish love your linens and you can find them there and in drawers where linens are kept. They are silvery looking with antennae and a pincher on the other end but they do not cause bite issues. They actually will eat your clothing like moths.

Scorpion: The scorpion is very prominent in California that also appears everywhere in the West. It is something that we have studied in every form they come in and we know how to take them out. Tips for scorpion are: Don’t disturb a mother transporting babies on her back, if they escape, you have a bigger problem, call us first. Second, the smaller brown/red scorpions are the most deadly and the black larger scorpions are not deadly but still need to be exterminated.

This is just a short list of what you may experience, please call us for more details and browse the service page for more.


Our Approach

Experienced | Knowledgeable | Ready to Help

We have been serving the Inland Empire for the past few decades. We understand the urgency of your call.  Who wants pests in their home and on their property. We know that our area is facing big challenges with ants, rodents, bees, bedbugs, wasps, and millions of termites. Our commitment to you is that you are completely satisfied with your service. We have personal relationships with hundreds of area homeowners, property managers, Realtors and escrow personnel. We value your trust.


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We're here for you. We understand. We know you want those pests GONE!


Maria Herrera

Office Manager

Maria loves what we do because she grew up with a big fear of spiders.


Jose Hernandez


Bi-lingual - grew up in Mexico City.


Gabriel Thorne


If you are having a challenge with paying for our services, Gabriel is here to assist you.

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