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Ant Extermination

Ants are the bane of our lives for most people. We try in vain to be able to deal with them with over the counter extermination techniques. Then, before you know it in a week, they are back. We can tell you that ants and every bug that exists including fleas are growing more and more immune to the pesticides that even the professionals use.

This is an ongoing challenge that we pros have to figure it out and defeat the evolution. And believe us when we say that we do it and we do it well. We are a family owned and operated business that is devoted to the cause of getting our customers a bug free life.

There are many types of ants out there. There are sugar, pharaoh and carpenter as well as pavement and more. The most frustrating part of it is, they are going to have to be treated at a different time and a different way for each species. You can certainly have a can of spray ready and kill on contact and you can buy an over the counter product at the DIY store but this is for the temporary extermination of one kind of ant. There is no such thing as an all purpose extermination product. In fact, a lot of the over the counter products act as bait to certain types of ants and may kill one and beckon others on.

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We have developed a system of extermination that is cutting edge and it will exterminate and discourage others from appearing and staying. This is an important thing to make certain is done. There is a very specific focus with ants and we know how to conquer them.  Just as importantly, you need to be discovering the ants where they start. For example, you may feel you discovered the ants’ origin at the kitchen window. But, this is not where they are originating from. They could be pavement ants that have made it to your water and food source from a crack in the pavement outside the home and past the yard. This means a comprehensive check needs to be done around the home, yard and pavement to make a correct assessment.


We specialize in fire ants and ant mounds. These are small ants of the red variety that when they bite are painful and can cause a deadly or harmful and painful allergic reaction depending on the person that had come in contact with them. There are typically children who are affected by this. They are around all year but in hotter country they are most prevalent in the summer on the lawns where children are playing. This means a lot of trips to the emergency room. You don’t really want to hear a child crying and screaming in pain when they have put their entire foot and calf inside the ant mound.

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They bite many times by the time you can get help and there are thousands at one time. Fire ants are a menace, there is a cure and we have it. But, you must be aware that as with any ant treatment it takes diligence and time. We will shield you from the danger of them initially but the eradication will take time. Why? Because you are working with nature and ants are one of the most engineering type of pest. They’re smart and they have nothing better to do than to actually figure out a way around your bait. We have to use several different types of bait. First you bait then you kill. It’s much more than having a spray applied.


So, how does it work and what process can you expect? We ask you a few key questions over the phone and then schedule the assessment. We will come and look at the property prior to making any quote and once we find the problem and the type of ant we are working with then a written estimate will be made. We will discuss at length with you, the home or business owner what needs to happen; why it needs to happen and when. Then, we begin the initial treatment. This can all be done in one day initially so you are free of the issue. We will have also discussed your follow up treatment. There are many programs we can work with so that you are bug-free.

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Ant Treatments:

Ants are a very hard infestation in two ways. One is finding them where they originate and the other is actually preventing them from coming back over and over again. There are many different species of ant and each one behaves a different way. But, the one thing they all have in common is the need to find a water and food source. The process becomes an issue when we have to determine what kind of ant they are and where they originate from. You see, most people look at their kitchen window and see them marching in. They immediately assume in most cases that they have originated there. So,the first thing they do is buy an ant spray. It kills the ants that get in on contact until the second wave arrive, and the third and so on and so on and so on. The fact of the matter is, they could originate out on the pavement way beyond the lawn. Or, they could originate under a tree an acre away. We hope they aren’t coming from the lawn of a neighbor because the best place to find exterminate them is the mound itself so we can get to the queen. Whatever the case, we will let you know where they come from and stop them in their tracks, literally.

The bottom line is we are your full charge pest control service in Rancho Cucamonga and we will be there for you to make sure you are ant free.

You and your family are safe from the infestations that will be a discomfort to you in so many ways. The only thing you need to do is call us. You can speed up the process by filling out the contact for which is detailed in the contact page. This will give you a head start in your bug free process.