Pest control for your attic is one of the most important services you’ll ever receive from us or any pest control company. We will let you in on an industry secret or two that we rarely, if ever share with anyone.

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You see, we are a family owned and operated pest control in Rancho Cucamonga and we know the territory. We are a hot, sticky and humid state and have a issue with well, dead things. We’re sorry to say but you too, as neat as you may be, with boxes and things all tidy in the best organized attic in the world will at some point have a dead animal or rodent decaying in the attic. This is an issue and a health hazard.


When you have this type of organic material in the attic several things happen. One, you may notice a foul odor permeating through the walls or waft through the air when the a/c turns on. Two, you may notice flies and other types of flying insects that have been feeding on the carcass. Decaying rodents carry disease and so does their waste. Whatever is in the attic is likely to be in the walls and causing a health hazard. If you suspect an infestation of rodents or bugs then please give us a call straight away. The longer you leave issues like this in a hot climate, the more you will be at risk and the harder it will be to address the problem correctly.

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We believe that attic pest control is one of the most important parts of your pest control routine. Whether you are on a monthly or quarterly program the attic should always be addressed. Think about it, if you treat an attic or any enclosed space that leads into your walls after discovering an infestation, you will have a harder time ridding your home and family of the pests. Rodents are not to be taken lightly and mice and rats are only two types. Your attic can house raccoons, opossum, squirrels and other vermin easily. If you have a new home have the place inspected at your earliest convenience so that we can fix any issues like holes and other entryways. We can also make sure that there are no leadways into the interior of the home from the attic. There are also many pest like cockroaches ant and other small infestations that can happen. These pests will find earl entry into the interior of the home quickly. This means you may have to tent. We should also consider the possibility of termites.

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Rodents cause damage that is also very dangerous and we will explain here because we value the lives and property of all that we serve. We want you to know that if you take nothing else away from this page other than this piece of information, we are happy. Each year, house fires are started by something unusual. Well, not really that uncommon at all, it just takes time to figure out the cause but it happens on an annual basis everywhere. Homes that have an ongoing rodent infestation will in fact have major wiring components chewed on all the way through. This means not only do you probably have a dead carcass or two on your hands but you have open wires causing heat in deep in the walls until finally the drywall or insulation catches. You don’t want this happening in the home while you and your family sleep or while you are away. There is no telling how much damage has been made or for how long.


The signs to look for that should not be brushed off of a rodent infestation in the attic or walls are these:

  • Noises: The noises that you would typically hear are that of scratching and scraping. You would also hear the sound of scurrying. This is not the sound you hear when squirrels are scampering across the roof chasing each other. This is a tapping of little feet inside the ceiling and or the walls. This means there is already more than one and more than one means infestation which to us is already an emergency.
  • Fecal Matter: If you are in the attic and notice droppings of any sort it is time to call us then. Remember that rodent droppings are different than lizard. We have quite a few of those in different species here in California. However, the droppings for a lizard have a black and white component whereas the droppings of other rodents are typically black and shiny. The reason for the white component with lizard droppings is that lizards do not urinate so the liquid solidifies into a white component.
  • Holes: We aren’t talking about just holes the rodent may make but any hole or crack 1.5 inches wide will allow any rodent, including squirrels to get in. These holes should be addressed. However, the holes made by rodents can be found typically in dark places that are easy access through the floorboards as in under the floor of a closet. Another good tip that most do not know is that rats will eat through drywall that is as high as the ceiling. Any hole that is a foot or two below the ceiling typically means you have roof rats. What are those? Roof rats can live high in trees and make their way down to the roof of your home. When they see an easy way into a food or water source, they will be able to make their way into a nice homestead in the interior of the walls. This is when they emerge and you can see them or hear them inside the house.

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Attics are a regular location for pests to construct their habitats. These large, open spaces are ideal for pests such as rats, mice, ants, bats, and birds to make large, comfortable nests, without being noticed or bothered. By the time property owners notice the problem, infestations can grow very large and cause substantial damage to the home.

At our company, we provide quality pest control services for every part of the home, including the attic. Attic pest control is different depending on the kind of pest, its nest location, and the extent of the damage done. We offer attic pest control services for families all over.

Common Attic Pests

Some pests find the attic to be a very desirable place to build a nest. Our pest control team can aid you with identifying, exterminating, and preventing the return of these unwelcome guests.


Mice and rats find the attic to be an ideal place to live. Attic insulation is a useful resource when building nests, and the attic often has access to a number of food and water sources. Our rodent removal services can trap these rodents and prevent their return. Our attic cleaning services are also available to remove any trace of their presence in the attic.

Stinging Insects

Stinging insects are common attic pests, especially in older homes. Holes and cracks that have developed in the eaves and roof give these insects direct access to the safety and seclusion of your attic. Removing stinging insect nests can be a dangerous task, especially in homes that have family members with allergies. Our stinging insect removal services can swiftly and carefully remove these insects and provide air sealing services to prevent their return.


Birds, bats, termites, and ants are also pests that are interested in occupying your attic. Our pest control team can help to identify the pests, learn how they are entering the space, and remove them from your attic. Visit our pest control site for more detailed information about our attic pest control services.

Why The Attic Invites Pests

What is it about the attic that intrigues so many animals and insects? There are a number of reasons why pests are often found lurking in attic corners:

Secluded:  Homeowners tend to forget about their attics, leaving pests the seclusion they seek to build comfortable nests and begin breeding.

Food Sources:  There is surplus of potential food and moisture sources within your home. Many pests take advantage of this fact and set up shop in an easily accessible location.

Shelter:  Attics are sheltered and have regulated temperatures based on the living conditions inside the home.These conditions provide ideal, year-round shelter for birds, rats, mice and more.

Resources:  There are plenty of materials in the attic that are ideal for building nests. Materials like air ducts, wiring, wooden supports, and insulation can be chewed on, collected, and brought back to the attic for use.

While these invaders might enjoy living out of our attics, they cannot be allowed to stay. Not only do they leave unhealthy debris and droppings strewn throughout your space, but they can also cause significant damage to the walls, supports, and insulation. An attic pest control company can assist you in permanently removing these vermin from your home.

Our Attic Pest Control

If you have recently discovered pests in your attic, it vital that they be swiftly and carefully removed. Our attic pest control team at is equipped with the training and tools necessary to eliminate any pest from your home. We also provide attic cleaning, air sealing, and attic insulation services to restore your attic to its original state once the pests have been eradicated.

Visit our pest control site for more information and details about our pest control services. To get in touch with one of our pest control experts, contact us today by giving us a call.


In any case, we are not intending to scare you into calling but at the same time these creatures can really turn a life upside down. We want you to be safe and happy in your own home. Trust us when we tell you that vermin of any type are hard to beat once they know your home. They are the ninjas of the animal kingdom. We forget that we are in their territory. Call us so we can get them out of yours.