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There is rarely anything more disturbing than finding out you have bed bugs. Sometimes there presence is obvious and sometimes it isn’t.  The most common way to detect the bed bug without looking in the bed where the like to hide; is when you discover a strange series of bites on the abdomen or arms or legs that are in a row and very red. We hate to inform you that bedbugs can be very aggressive and cause issues with health.

How do you get bed bugs

Bedbugs are taken into the house via luggage or linens and basically anything that has typically been in a hotel. One piece of advice is to never place your luggage on a bed or on the floor in a hotel. Make certain you use the available hard furniture or the luggage holders that a lot of hotels provide.

If you aren’t sure, ask them to leave you one. If they can’t then use the furniture. Even the cleanest 5 star resorts have bedbugs, there is almost no getting around them at some time because they are carried in on the human body.

Pest Control upland, ca

Here at no pests Rancho Cucamonga, we pride ourselves on being able to get the bedbug situation under control. We can treat the house and the mattress. We realize that many can spend sometimes thousands on a mattress. We will let you know if we see that your mattress could use a change.

If not, we will come to treat it as much as it is needed. Sometimes those little bed bugs are elusive. They breed quickly and by the thousands so we want to get that under control and stop the senseless biting and discomfort. This is an unhealthy situation and should be taken care of very quickly.

How do you look for bedbugs?

Bedbugs live deep within the mattress and they are a typically clear bug. In fact, under a microscope, they look like a fingerprint because they are actually feeding from the dead skin that occupies a mattress over time.  This is unpleasant but if you look in the seams of a traditional mattress you may find these clear or if they have eaten, brownish colored flat round or oval shape. Once you see this, call us immediately. You may want to change the mattress as well depending on what your budget and special needs if any there are.

logo No Pests Rancho CucamongaA few words about your mattress

Mattresses are comfortable and they should, if they are doing there job, give you a refreshing night’s sleep. There are so many choices nowadays and they seem to have a decent model to fit any budget. If you have a traditional box spring mattress, you may want to change it in favor of memory foam or another type that is less likely to house bedbugs.

It’s very difficult to maintain a traditional mattress in regards to the sanitation of that type of mattress. First of all, it’s best to change a mattress every five years. This is because as we said, dead skin will make the mattress more susceptible to bed bugs and mites. They are different species but they cause issues.  Many people turn towards steaming the mattress and such but most of those types of situations are just prolonging the inevitable and will certainly not buy you any more time.

In any event, it’s best to tackle these bugs that are menacing and silent in there havoc for a long time. You don’t want to wake up with bites on top of everything else you have to think of all day and after you thought your bed was your friend. Let’s reunite you with a clean and safe bed bug free bed.