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At No Pests Rancho Cucamonga, we provide solutions to all your bee issues.

Are you scared to go outside? Can you not clean your gutters or visit your shed? Are you or any of your family member or friend allergic to bees? Are there bees hovering near the eaves of your house? These maybe scout bees looking for a new home to bring a new bee colony.

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Great! Let us take care of you and help you live again and enjoy the outdoors!

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Welcome to No Pests Rancho Cucamonga, where we provide options for bee removal throughout our areas of reach. We provide for the removal from roofs, walls, chimneys, as well as swarms on trees or bushes.

Whenever you are in need of our expertise, or you just need the extermination questions, call us or submit a request on our site.

What we do

Getting rid of bees can be dangerous and challenging, this is more so critical when dealing with aggressive bees. In many instances, just a small amount of bee activities indicate that there is a hive or swarm of bees in the structure.


A very crucial part of bee removal is to get rid of the hive or nest. Otherwise, it will lead to a recurring issue.

Fontana Bee & Wasp extermination

We use state of the art bee removal techniques making sure that you are protected, and the environment is not harmed. Our team carefully studies the issue and then come up with an elimination plan that will keep off bees from your home.

Our Employees

Our crew is well trained and certified. We are believers of education and knowledge. We keep our team in a continuous state of education to keep our employees knowledgeable. This helps us to find pest and bees in general efficiently to your satisfaction.

Customer care

If a client needs our services, we help right away. We provide results in a professional and friendly manner always.

Ontario Bee & Wasp Extermination

Our clients get not only value but also great prices.

Our customers are treated the way we would want our families to be treated hence the emphasis on our services family oriented.

With our assistance, you will walk away with the experience of not having bee problems and that feeling that our employees gave you the respect and satisfaction that you deserve.

Bee Extermination

Having an infestation of bees is nothing less than an urgent and emergency situation. Bees are a necessary part of our Eco system. We’ve heard a lot about bees dying due to the irresponsible actions of companies and others. Because of the bees becoming confused in some cases due the occupation of their territory, it has spawned a surge of bee infestations.

Bees are a valuable asset to us as humans. For those who have active hives attached to their home, shed or even the pool ,this can become a hazard and even a deadly situation. This is especially true when it comes to a person that may be allergic to them. We can be allergic and not know especially when it comes to children. If you aren’t aware, then you shouldn’t be blindsided by the possibility.

This is where we come in. Our company has the most experience, not only with pest control in this area but we have several decades of bee removal experience. It is more than spraying poison when it comes to bee removal. We call it removal because there are several ways of doing it. We can go green or mean, this is up to the person that voices their opinion about how they remove the bees. This is why we use the word remove rather than exterminate.

The first thing you need to do is call us. We will have some questions but we will assess everything free of charge once we arrive at the bee site. We will then respectfully discuss the options and what will best accommodate the bee situation and the owner of the property.  We will also take into consideration the cost and budget of the person responsible for the bee disposal. When it becomes an urgent emergency situation, the cost may blindside the property manager or owner. So, we have plans that can help. The important thing is, you are free of the harm that bees can do if a person should be attacked and stung.

Issues that arise if left unchecked

For some, having an active beehive on the site of the property is not a cause for concern, in fact, they may view it as being a joy because they understand the delicate nature of bees and how they assist the human food chain. You see, bees do pollinate literally a great amount of our food supply but at the same time, we have to live our daily lives protecting our families as well.  If you have a property that people frequent or maybe bike or walk past and someone gets stung this could turn into an ugly situation really fast. We have seen people hiking on a nearby reserve and bees that colonized on another adjacent piece of property swarmed and stung those hikers. Some led to fatality while others, sued for the ruination of their vacation and medical bills. That can really put quite the unexpected dent in the pockets of a business. It’s really not at all hard to make sure this doesn’t happen to you.

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An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure:

We, as bee professionals are more than just experienced. We have the certifications and training that allow the natural removal of bees and the prevention of them on your property in the first place. You see, there is a way to discourage bees from colonizing on your property or home. We couldn’t list it all here simply because we need to look at the property and assess it. Whenever you are in an area that is a high risk for bees you need to be able to make a decision as to how you’ll prevent them. There are some circumstances where your property will not qualify for prevention so we strongly suggest that if you purchase property in an area that you get a free assessment from us.

Bees won’t colonize in less than perfect conditions for them and they won’t always colonize in every sort of tree. In fact, you could plant certain trees and plants that are not bee friendly. You can secure a home so that they can’t enter if you get a surprise colony.

One thing we want to make sure you know is there are many types of bees. They aren’t all the sweet honey bee. Some can be aggressive and killer bees have made it to the continent. So, never, ever attempt to get close enough to take a picture, we don’t need it, we can look for ourselves. Never try to smoke them out or touch the hive in any way.

How We Do It:

At our company, we provide solutions to all your pest issues.

Are you scared to go outside? Can you not clean your gutters, garden or go into your shed? Are you or someone you know allergic to bees?

Well, let us help you live again by being able to enjoy the outdoor environment.

Emergency bee removal

What do we do?

With our relocation program, we can move all the honey bees to a safe environment where they can help our ecosystem by making honey and pollinate crops. Although they are pests, relocating them is like turning a negative into a positive. They can be used to help us with the work they do.

Maybe you have a problem with carpenter bees?

Carpenter bees will barrow holes within all your wooden structures. They then place their larva within. They can destroy any wood structure you have. They invade cabins, hand railings, siding, and much more.

Though they are non-aggressive bees, they will sting if bothered. It is important to get rid of these types of bees to maintain stable wooden structures.

We can seal up any holes they have created and stopped them from coming back and destroying your wooden structures.

Bees that like to take up residency

Most bees if not all sting! This can be dangers to people because of the massiveness of allergic reactions, and one should not have to be stung to find out if an allergic reaction is possible.

Let us take care of your bee problems. We not only kill stinging bees but we will take down their home so that if any are left, they are forced to relocate.

Why choose us

We are your ideal partner and are willing to work with anybody. We strive to do our best in order to make sure our customers are clearly satisfied and in good hands.

Our Employees

Our staff is very well trained and certified. Each of our employees must take classes and test from time to time to keep their qualifications. Therefore, we believe in the power of continued education to keep our employees knowledgeable and able to handle any pest problem with ease and your satisfaction.

Customer Service

When our clients need our help, we are there right away with the results they need. We deal with them in a friendly and professional manner always.

Our customers do not just value our great prices. They appreciate our excellent customer service.  We feel it is important to treat our customers like we would want our family treated.

We want you to walk away with the experience of not having pest problems and feeling that our employees gave you the respect and satisfaction you deserve.

We specialize in the prevention, control, extermination and removal of bees, hornets, wasps & yellow jackets.

With years of insect eradication, bee removal and control experience, the staff at our company represent this area’s leading stinging insect control company. We are dedicated in what we do and that is why providing programs from fully comprehensive prevention applications to 24 Hour Emergency bee removal service, including the safe removal and relocation of the beneficial Honey bee.

Our company is locally owned and operated. Our small team of well-trained, licensed, and properly equipped staff will help you safely and effectively meet the unique challenges posed by stinging insects.

We are committed to providing our customers with the highest level of professionalism and bee removal services.

24/7 Emergency Bee Removal Service

Hornets, yellow jackets, carpenter bees, bumble bees, honey bees, ground bees, paper wasps,sand wasps, cicada killers, and other related species can easily become established in or on buildings, decks, sheds, garages, walls and fencing.  Species including yellow jackets (ground bees), bald faced hornets, bumble bees and cicada killers are found underground and/or in trees, shrubs and groundcover.

Our bee extermination services are available at all times to respond to situations involving the elimination, extermination, removal and control of insect colonies and their nests.

Our involvement ranges from fully comprehensive prevention applications to 24/7 Emergency Service.

We are the leading stinging insect control company, specializing in getting rid of and the prevention of problems with bees, wasps, hornets, yellow jackets and other stinging insects in this area.

Immediate response for any emergency situation available 24 hours, 7 days a week.  It has to be!! With years of insect eradication, removal, prevention and control experience, our bee specialists will help you safely and effectively deal with all stinging insect colonies including the removal of yellow jacket nests, hornet nests, wasp nests and bee hives.

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