Cockroach Extermination

Are you not certain on how to get rid of cockroaches? You are not alone! Cockroaches are probably one of the household pests that are easy to find.

Cockroaches can be distressing to find in your home, which is bad enough. Moreover, they are also known to help to carry many diseases. Therefore, it is essential to find a specialized roach control and removal expert.

Types of Roaches

Even though there are many species of roaches around the globe, the ones that are most common for homeowners include:

 German cockroach

These roaches choose to live and breed indoors and most often found around your kitchen or scampering around your bathroom.

 American cockroach

Mostly found in basements and kitchens. However, they prefer to breed outdoors and live on trees.

Oriental cockroach

These type of roaches are dark black or brown in color. Also, they love cool, damp areas. These are a health worry since they love to feed on garbage and decaying matter.


Why Roaches are dangerous

Roaches have been all over the place for a very long time. The fossil records indicate signs of cockroaches. The records go back as far as 350 million years. It is practically hard to survive for that long on earth hence it becomes hard to kill.

Some roach details to be aware of:

  • German roaches are the fastest breeding species of pest roaches. A single female and her offspring can yield over 30,000 individuals in a span of 1 year!
  • Cockroaches can survive anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months short of food or water depending on the type!
  • Cockroaches cause great health risks. They contaminate food as well as activating asthma/allergy attacks.

Roach Control Specialists

The experts know how to eliminate roaches. It’s what we do! The skilled and qualified professionals will be able to look at your home and the structures around your property. Then they will determine where they are coming from. Elimination can only be achieved through the use of right methods.

Keep in mind that, it takes an expert in roach extermination to thoroughly rid your home or building of a cockroach infestation.

Effective Cockroach Pest Control

Prevention – Examine all items transported into the home for roaches and their egg cases. Keep your home or building in good repair.

Proper Sanitation – Keeping things hygienic, and in good condition. This decreases, harboring areas, food sources, and moisture that roaches need to prosper.

Identification – Precise cockroach identification is key to effective control. Each species has its routines that are used against them in effective pest control applications.

Initial Pest Control Clean Out – Subjective to the species being treated, this may include baits, insect growth regulators, crack and crevices treatment with a liquid spray, dusting in voids like inside walls.

Follow Up Maintenance services – This is crucial to continual control. This is ideally in commercial establishments that are often prone to infestations. Includes, ongoing checkups, observing traps to find missed roaches or roaches that have just been introduced and lastly treating.

Pest Control upland, caCockroaches are a horrible bug that once inside the home, breed fiercely and put your family at risk of disease. They are the most resilient of the common bug and they love our climate here in Rancho Cucamonga.

It’s hot and dry, just because they survived the ice age doesn’t mean they aren’t loving a bit of heat, in fact, it’s very favorable for them. We have the best certified roach specialists in the state. Why would you have to be specialized in cockroaches? Well, there is a very good reason for that. Cockroaches, along with fleas have evolved over time.

Different breeds were smart enough to breed with more evolved or higher-quality roaches and well, they are a bit smaller but stronger like little compact breeding machines. So, what does that have to do with certification? It means that the wrong move will actually make the situation worse.

This means the wrong pest control. For example, when you attempt pest control yourself at home with over-the-counter pest control sprays, gel and the like, to some breeds it will actually make them breed more. It’s like bait to them. Or, conversely, you will get rid of one breed and not be able to kill the next breed. So, it’s a prudent move to call the people that can do it and that’s it.

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What brings cockroaches?

Being proactive about cockroach control is imperative. It helps with the pest control process. However, the things that people think attract roaches are not always true. When we have food lying around this is the obvious one. Anytime that you are not as clean as you should be in any room that you may be eating and leaving crumbs, this is when that happens but there are less-known reasons that are just as important to know.

When you leave grease of any kind, they love that. When you leave paper and cardboard around they love to nest in it and eat it as well. They have some strange digestive and elimination processes. These two elements are there to help them with that process. Many times they are found in number in warehouses and other businesses and the food business is at big risk for cockroaches.


We offer many programs that are suitable for private homes, rental properties as well as commercial land. We offer initial spraying with a maintenance program. We can work with residences and for businesses remember that your reputation is at stake if a customer notices one cockroach.

Cockroaches are among the most stubborn and annoying pests. They are a resilient and persistent pest that carry and transmit a number of diseases. Contrary to popular belief, even a clean home is not immune to an invasion by these pests.

Cockroaches are very difficult to eliminate, which is why popular fiction often depicts them as the last creatures left surviving on earth. But if you have a cockroach problem don’t panic. You just need an experienced professional exterminator to eliminate your cockroach problem for good.

Cockroaches can ruin not just your home but your health and happiness. You need someone you can trust to get rid of and control your Cockroach infestation for good. If you think you have a Cockroach problem call us today to schedule a free home inspection.

No Pests Rancho Cucamonga humbly provides expert pest control and Cockroach extermination in the Rancho Cucamonga area.

Three Easy Ways To Identify A Cockroach Infestation

The most conclusive way of knowing you have a cockroach problem is seeing them in your home. Cockroaches are nocturnal so you are most likely to see them at night when you turn on a light.

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Cockroaches leave a dust of black droppings less than 1mm wide and of varying lengths. If you begin to see something like this on your floor, counter tops, or elsewhere in your home you may have a cockroach problem.

An established cockroach infestation will let off an unpleasant, musty smell.


Pests Commonly Confused with Cockroaches

Cockroaches are unique enough in appearance, habitat, and behavior that they are not often mistaken for other pests.

Reasons To Treat Your Cockroaches Immediately

Cockroaches transmit a number of diseases including salmonella and food poisoning, and cause asthmatic reactions.

Why Work With Us?


Free inspection & estimate.

When you call No Pests Rancho Cucamonga you’re calling a locally owned and operated company; we service the community we live in. We value your time, so when you call you’ll speak to a live operator and we’ll schedule a service time that is convenient for you.

Skilled Employees

Each of our technicians is carefully screened during a lengthy interview process. We background check all employees and make them undergo extensive classroom and on the job training before they can service homes by themselves. When your doorbell rings, you can be confident that our company has sent a true and qualified specialist to your property.

No Pests Rancho Cucamonga provides a zero obligation, free inspection and estimate. Our certified technicians will take the time and care to thoroughly explain treatment options, pricing and what is best for your situation. We believe in professional service that is convenient as well as effective.

We Exterminate Cockroaches In Three Steps!

Inspect – We will conduct a free, zero obligation home inspection to identify the source of your Cockroach problem.

Customize – We work with you to customize our Home Protection Plan to ensure that the Cockroaches are exterminated now, and that you are protected in the future against Cockroaches and other pests invading your home and property.

Eliminate – Get rid of the Cockroaches for good.

What To Expect From Our Treatment


Target The Source:

First we identify and target the source of your pest problem with our custom treatment.

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Inside Treatment:

We then treat unfinished basements, garages, crawl spaces, trash areas, attics, wall voids, and even inside electrical sockets. Wherever there is the possibility for a pest to enter your home or make residence, we create a barrier to protect you. We deploy a variety of techniques depending on what works best for your situation, including residual powder, gel, and bait.

Outside Treatment:

We create a protective barrier around your home using a granular base around the foundation. We then treat windows and doors, as well as under siding, to keep the pests out. We will also place a granular bait in your flower and mulch beds so that bait is taken back to any potential nests, destroying them.


At No Pests Rancho Cucamonga, we guarantee our treatment plan for one full year. If any new Cockroach problems or other covered pests, we will treat immediately and at no cost to you.

Quotes are fast and free.

No matter what the issue is, we have you covered. The Rancho Cucamonga Area and surrounding areas are affected by an incredibly large amount of various roaches. Avoid damage to your property and to your loved ones.

Eco-friendly Extermination

Our Eco Friendly extermination methods make sure the pests do not come back. You and your family are safe.

Whether you have just a little insect issue or an extreme problem, we have an efficient and reliable option for your individual needs. Our pest control staff is very knowledgeable about the routines and biology of each type of insect that lives in the many surrounding suburban areas of Rancho Cucamonga.

Our specialists utilize traps, low toxicity chemicals and other devices to safely eliminate bugs in such a way that will not threaten your family. You don't ever have to worry about chemical vapors or poisonous residues.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a food business or not. Let us help you with your business pest control solutions. Call us today for a complimentary assessment.

The best time to call us is when you notice even one roach in or around the outside of the property. The outside is an omen that they are inside the property. Roaches are tricky and will elude you as long as you let them. Don’t let them get you before you get them.