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Here at No More Pests Rancho Cucamonga, we understand that even one pest in your business can have a financial impact. You could lose patronage and incur fines and worse, you could be shut down.


People tend to judge businesses more harshly, even if it’s a one-time thing. Most people think of restaurants when we mention things like this but this goes for any business. Health issues are not the only financial danger to a business. It’s the damage that some of the most common pests can cause to your inventory and even the structure your business is located in. Furthermore, if you share a building with others and the pests originate with your area, you may be held responsible for the damage.

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The first thing you need to be aware of is whether or not you’re giving the pests what they want. That means you may be unwittingly granting them full reign to your business. That’s OK, it’s not your fault. Sometimes these invitations are an integral part of your business. Does that mean you have to stop your business practices? No, it just means you need to take care of a few things and make a few adjustments. Your employees and coworkers should be in on it too. In most cases it’s a must. Below are some of the most common ways businesses send up a welcome aboard flag to pests and how you can control or prevent it.

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  • Entry Points: First, we have to look at the structure. The entry points are many and may be remedied with a few adjustments. First, let’s define what we mean by pests so that the solutions we present to you make sense. By pest, we mean anything from the common roach or bug to the rat, mouse, squirrel, raccoon or possum. Pests like mice or rats can enter a building through a hole the size of a quarter and ants through a minor hairline fissure that may or may not be evident to the naked eye. No more pests Rancho will help you to locate the possible entry points in your structure and take steps to secure the situation.
  • Sources for Water: Whether it’s standing water or not, pests of all types need it to continue their eco system. So, any type of water source is a draw for them. Our company knows what to look for and if we find it we’ll show and tell you how you may have an issue and take steps to secure the area.
  • Food for Pests! Yes, pests will eat nearly anything. Think of hair and cardboard glue. When we think food we tend to think of what we or other animals eat. And don’t think they don’t love what we love. But, they take it many steps farther. Any business that has inventory like boxes, bags and well any common product will draw pests eventually. It’s best to be ready and attempt to prevent and then follow up, which is just as important. Not every bug responds to the same treatment. Some air of experimentation will have to be done.
  • Let’s Talk about Pest Breeding and Living: Bottom line, they love small, dark spaces and will seek these places out in your business structure. Believe us when we say it could take months for you to even detect the feces. By the time you see it, it can be too late. Even one rodent or roach means there are hundreds of babies that are living in the walls, attic, crawl space or floor. The longer you wait for treatment, the more population there will be eating away at the wired and the structure. This is like running up a bill for repairs that will only compound. What you invest for treatment won’t be half as much as the damages you may have to pay once infestation starts. The good new is, there’s help on the way.
  • Employee Break Rooms: Employee break rooms are one of the most popular spots for pests. This hurts you two ways. First, if your break rooms are not cleaned on a daily basis with dishes and containers being washed and put away, you will be creating a breeding ground for pests. The second way is infecting your employees. Rats, mice and roaches are just a few of the most common pests that carry deadly diseases. They’re passed from pest to person through the air, food, water and containers such as Tupperware and refrigerators.


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These are all the points of concern with pests and at No More Pests Rancho Cucamonga, we can help. Just call us for an inspection and assessment with a free written quote for your situation.

We all like to save money when we own a business. Maybe you know a lawn guy or a handyman that says he can take care of the situation. Maybe you have another company that doesn’t specialize in the extermination of certain pests. Or maybe, you’re doing what many do and are servicing your business as you would your home yourself. Any of these practices could be causing more harm than good. They or you may be applying the wrong chemicals to the wrong pest-type and at the wrong time.

Pests are a science and there isn’t a brand on the market that will kill, for example a German cockroach at the time they breed and the Cuban cockroach at the same time, regardless of what the product says or how much you paid. In the end, there is a season for living, eating and breeding for every pest. Pests are evolving and becoming much more resistant to the sprays they have out there. In fact, what you gave a pest to kill it a few years ago may be used to feed them and make them stronger now. We know the eating, breeding and feeding habits of all pests whether it’s a bug, rodent or animal that is indigenous to the area. We can secure, control, prevent and treat any area and keep the money in your business, yours.

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Together we will prevent:

  • Structural Damage: The damage to wires and drywall is costly and devastating but also dangerous. You can lose thousands plus in a fire and fires caused by chewed wire is very common. We strive to make sure your structure and inventory stay safe.
  • Negative customer experiences: Your customer experience is the reason why you’re still in business. The technology we have today spreads the word fast. You can’t risk something like pest issues in a review.
  • Damage to your inventory and precious raw materials: We understand how costly it is to lose inventory and raw goods. It’s a costly issue that can be prevented. We know how to treat each business type, from offices to restaurants. There will never be a worry about contamination of product.
  • Disease Transmission: We realize that running any type of business with an infestation can cause disease transmission to those you work with and to customers. We take this seriously and have treatment packages that are affordable for everyone.
  • Health Regulation Violations: We don’t want you taken by surprise. When the health inspector shows up, we want you feeling secure and prepared. We can help you do this. We have a checklist and a preventive plan so that the agencies that can harm your business can see that you’re a responsible business owner.
  • Food borne Illness: Bottom line, the last thing you need is a lawsuit We want to help you avoid this at all costs. Prevention is the name of the game in keeping feces and infestation away from the food you’re serving your customers. Or, in the break rooms that employees are leaving their food in. Food poisoning can happen in so many different ways that you may not be aware of them all. We are and we’ll show you immediately where you may have veered off course. We have your back and we’ll begin immediate treatment.
  • Employee Productivity and Morale: When your employees feel as if they aren’t protected both of these things suffer. These are the very aspects that you need to run your business successfully.

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Your pest control is a science and we are the pest scientists that can help you in ways no other entity can. Forget the cutting corners or going what you think is the cheap way. After-all there is no shortcut to keeping your business alive and your reputation on solid ground. We have experts in several areas. All our team members are cross-trained but we have specialists that concentrate on key areas of pest control. We make certain every team member is educated on every change in the business.

Pests are evolving and breeding has evolved because of the adaption to contaminants and pesticides. What we used 3 years ago is no longer effective for what we’re experiencing now. You need a pest control company that’s on top of it all. We have departments that are assigned to nothing more than the education on the evolution of roaches or rodents. These are the pests that survive and adapt. So much so that they could take over an area if there were a natural disaster. They are a concern and must be controlled because as yet we haven’t found a way to eradicate them. They may have eluded us on a larger scale but we have them beat on the level of harm they can do to the people and businesses they harm.