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Pest Control upland, ca

909-474-2388                         Here, at No Pests Rancho we provide the services that the people in Rancho Cucamonga need. We have been serving the area for decades and are family owned and operated.No Pests Rancho Cucamonga Truck

We make sure that there are professional, uniformed, Insured, bonded and licensed pest control technicians coming to your door in a clearly marked safe and secure pest control vehicle. Why? Because we establish trust with our customers from the start. This is why they remain our customers for years to come. We are also highly recommended through word of mouth. We hardly have to advertise. This is the mark of a professional dedicated team of people.


We are proud of the fact that we take a little different approach to the hiring system. We will ensure that each technician is cross-trained in every treatment but that they choose a specialty or two as well. We list our services into routine and specialty services below.


Specialty Services


Fleas are a hard pest to live with but at no pest Rancho, we make sure you don’t have to. We not only treat your home, we educate you on what to do to prevent a further infestation. First we suggest that if you have pets and carpet to explore the possibility that you may want to pick up the carpet. If not, it should be steam extracted. Second, we have to address the core issue and that is un-hatched fleas residing in pet hair. The dog or cat will be harboring new instances of flea infestation. So, rest assured that no matter how good the flea treatment in the house, the new fleas will have to be treated on the animals.




Mosquitoes are a vile bunch of marauding insects that inhabit our yards and take over a great Barbeque. We can create a barrier in your yard, sort of an invisible fence and make certain few if any penetrate it. We want you to enjoy mosquito season which by the way is a lot of the California year. We aren’t seasonal enough in this area to halt the reproduction of mosquitoes naturally but we can assist Mother Nature in the microcosm that is your yard.

Rodent Extermination

Tips for slowing down mosquitoes


There are a couple of tips we can give you to make sure that you are as mosquito free as possible. One of the things we see in this region of California a lot upon inspection of a customer’s home is standing water. It’s hot here, there are pools and there are places where standing water collects and breeds all types of mosquitoes, including those that carry disease. Mosquitoes need water to lay eggs and these are the perfect spots to do it in. California in this region does not see much rain and water evaporates quickly. However, in their season is when rain will fall if it does and it only takes 3 days to see an infestation.

  1. Containers: Containers that catch rainwater can be cans, tires, standing pools and ponds with no pump to circulate them. Basically anywhere around rocks and places where even a cup full of water can thrive.
  2. Your Food and Drink Habits: There is not much more you can do to your yard other than clear away the standing water. However, there is a lot you can do to keep mosquitoes from biting you. Drinking alcohol is one way of keeping them away from your body. Eating salty foods is another. There are folks with type O blood that attract them and there is nothing you can do about that.


It’s just best you get your yard sprayed and keep them out of your face for the summer.  Call us today for a fast and effective treatment.



Ugh, we can’t empathize enough with anyone who has a cockroach infestation. Why? Because you are truly a victim. There are many myths surrounding cockroach infestation. The most prevalent is that those that have them are dirty in some way. This is the farthest thing from the truth. Every home on the planet possesses the elements that attract cockroaches. There are more but there has to be two basic elements: water and food sources. Even one drop of water on a sink or one crumb is a source of sustenance for a cockroach. Then the breeding only has to start with two, one male and one female. This is where it gets a bit hairy. Once breeding had begun they act very akin to fleas which carry many millions of eggs that are good in a high percentile. This means we have our work cut out for us.


So, what’s the best way to rid yourself of these pests? The best way to rid yourself of them is to start prevention early. This means have your place treated immediately prior to ever encountering a roach. The one thing we don’t want you to ever do is purchase a DIY roach treatment and here’s why: They may seem effective on the surface but what’s actually happening is you are feeding the roach-breeding activity.   People are fooled by the quiet and then boom you have a whole new breed.


Our Process

For any of our specialized services, there is a smooth protocol we follow. First , the phone conversation. We will ask a few questions and make an appointment to assess your issue first. If all is as normal, we can start treatment that day or at your earliest convenience. You will always see a uniformed, licensed, bonded and insured employee at your door. We are proud of the fact that we are family owned and operated and while not all employees are family, we do not institute the use of contractors in any form. We will always leave your home just as we found it and allow you to escort us through the property where the work is needed. We will first perform an inspection and give you a guaranteed written estimate prior to any work being done.