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Flea Extermination:

Much More than a Pet Problem

Fleas are frequently associated with dogs and cats and other pets. Nonetheless, fleas are more of a problem than just for pets. They can be conveyed to individuals quite easily. They usually bite when looking for a meal of blood. When they bite, they cause an annoying itching and can make living uncomfortable. Moreover, they are known to carry a variety of diseases. This is why flea control is of particular importance to every human.

Fleas are extremely dangerous because they feed on blood. This implies that in case they bite an animal that is either infected or carrying a disease, it becomes very easy to transmit the said disease to whatever or whoever it bites next

A flea invasion is annoying because once they get into your home, they are very problematic to get rid of. Therefore, if you find fleas around your home, your first step should be to call in the experts who know how to get rid of fleas efficiently.

Fleas are difficult.

Many people always take the initiative of getting rid of fleas all by themselves when faced with a flea problem. However, in most cases, they are very difficult to exterminate single-handedly. This is because it is tough to find them due to their tiny size. They are hard to find once they get into clothing, furniture, and other pets. It takes careful and particular treatments and methods to eliminate them.

To successfully control fleas, here are some things to try:

  • Vacuum your home
  • Wash or change pet bedding
  • Eradicate fleas on pets
  • Clean up and treat indoor and outdoor areas where pets live or stay.

exterminator rancho cucamonga

Productive flea control solutions available:

There are approaches such as foggers and other flea control solutions available over the counter that assert to remove all of the fleas from your household. It’s our knowledge that these elimination methods may not entirely eradicate the invasion from your home. They usually kill the adults but do not deal efficiently with eggs and larvae.

Our skilled pest control professionals are trained to know all about the flea and their life cycle. This enables us to find all of the areas where fleas might hide and where they might breed. That way we eliminate not only the adult fleas, but also eliminate the eggs and larvae. This is significant in making sure that fleas do not reoccur once they have been removed.

Our household pest control experts inspect your entire home and talk to you about your flea problems. That way we can come up with the most operational solution to your flea problem. We develop a solution that will not only eliminate fleas but prevent fleas from coming back, and that will work well with your family and pets.

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Fleas are a menace to say the least. It doesn’t matter if you have carpet throughout the house or at all you are still vulnerable to fleas. In fact, maybe it wasn’t even your pet that gave you fleas. Fleas have gotten to be little well-adapted superbugs and they are becoming very resistant to the treatments that are being given to dogs and cats.

Some of the big brand names in flea treatments are not working. The topical kind has given way to the internal treatments so you know they are resilient. The more resilient they get, the harder it is for you to control it. We are one of the only pest control companies that will tell you this because we believe in complete control.

When we treat your home there are fleas in two other places; one is the yard that you need to have us treat and the other is on the animals by the vet.  Generally speaking, the flea dips and shampoos don’t work so do remember to treat the animals before we get to you so they are not re-infesting the area after we leave.


Dog and cat fleas are different

Dog fleas and cat fleas are different. And please be aware that a dog treatment will not kill cat fleas and vice versa.  They must be treated separately and differently on the animal but we can wipe them out of the house at one time, we have the most state-of-the-art flea killer that is truly capable of ceasing your issue.

The difference in a dog or cat flea is this:  the dog flea is your typical flat jumping little black bug. The cat flea can look the same but some types typically look longer and you can see little legs. Not like a flea though, they wriggle when they walk.

How did I get fleas I have indoor only cats?

In this case, you have to realize that plants that are on a patio or a terrace and when the fleas come from the ground or trees and shrubs they will attach to a plant. It only takes one contact with a plant that has been exposed to get  a flea laying thousands of eggs in your home.

Our Process

The process is simple. Once you have seen a flea, have been bit or even if the animals are scratching a lot call us. A specialist in that area will be glad to answer your questions as well as ask you a few of our own. We want to be able to be prepared for cat or dog fleas or both.

After that we will come out and assess the job and after a short discussion, we will get started. In some cases there are times when more than one treatment or some after maintenance is necessary. Sometimes a fumigation is necessary when there are cases of multiple animals in one spot and the infestation is too deep in the furniture and the floor.

Fleas are a real menace! They don’t just feed on pets, but humans as well and some people exhibit flea allergies. Flea infestations require multidimensional treatment plans. Addressing only a pet’s infestation or individual flea bites will not prove effective for ridding your home of fleas. If your pet or home has fleas, call us today!

Fleas can ruin not just your home but your health and happiness. You need someone you can trust to get rid of and control your Flea infestation for good. If you think you have a Flea problem call us today to schedule a free home inspection.

No Pests Rancho Cucamonga proudly provides expert pest control and Flea extermination in the Rancho Cucamonga Area. With years of experience we’ve helped anumerous number of homeowners manage and exterminate their Flea and other pest problems. Let us assist you!

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Two Easy Ways To Identify A Flea Infestation

The most common sign of a flea infestation is pets that are constantly scratching and grooming themselves. This is cause by discomfort from fleas as they feed on the pet’s blood. A thorough examination of the pet’s fur by you or your vet should be done.

Flea dirt, the adult flea feces, can also indicate an infestation. Flea dirt looks like coarse ground pepper and might be seen near a pets bed, carpets, rugs or other areas the animal host rests.

Pests Commonly Confused with Fleas

Ticks and bed bugs can be confused for fleas due to similar size, appearance, and irritation.

Why To Treat Your Flea Problem Immediately

Humans can get sick from flea borne diseases or allergies. So besides causing your pet, and potentially you, discomfort from bites, you or your family can get sick from disease or allergy.

Choose No Pests Rancho Cucamonga To Be Your Pest Controller and Exterminator


Free inspection & estimate.

When you call No Pests Rancho Cucamonga you’re calling a locally owned and operated company.We service the community we live in. We value your time, so when you call you’ll speak to a live operator and we’ll schedule a service time that is convenient for you.

Trusted Employees

Each of our technicians is carefully screened during a lengthy interview process. We background check all employees and make them undergo extensive classroom and on the job training before they can service homes by themselves. When your doorbell rings, you can be confident that No Pests Rancho Cucamonga has sent a true professional to your home.

No Pests Rancho Cucamonga provides a zero obligation, free inspection and estimate. Our certified technicians will take the time and care to thoroughly explain treatment options, pricing and what is best for your situation. We believe in professional service that is convenient as well as effective.


We Exterminate Fleas In Three Steps!



We will conduct a free, zero obligation home inspection to identify the source of your Flea problem.


We work with you to customize our Home Protection Plan to ensure that the Fleas are exterminated now, and that you are protected in the future against Fleas and other pests invading your home and property.

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Get rid of the Fleas for good.

What To Expect From Our Treatment


Target The Source:

First we identify and target the source of your pest problem with our custom treatment.

Inside Treatment:

We then treat unfinished basements, garages, crawl spaces, trash areas, attics, wall voids, and even inside electrical sockets. Wherever there is the possibility for a pest to enter your home or make residence, we create a barrier to protect you. We deploy a variety of techniques depending on what works best for your situation, including residual powder, gel, and bait.

Outside Treatment:

We create a protective barrier around your home using a granular base around the foundation. We then treat windows and doors, as well as under siding, to keep the pests out. We will also place a granular bait in your flower and mulch beds so that bait is taken back to any potential nests, destroying them.

Our Guarantee

AtNo Pests Rancho Cucamonga, we guarantee our treatment plan for one full year. If any new Flea problems or other covered pests, we will treat immediately and at no cost to you.

The barriers we put in place to protect your home and family against pests will naturally break down over time. This is why over the course of the year we will regularly reapply treatments to ensure your home is protected. For more details on our treatment schedule read our Home Protection Plan page or give us a call.

Your home is your largest investment.  Let No Pests Rancho Cucamonga protect it against pests!

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Are you facing a flea invasion? Schedule an appointment without any delay. Fleas do multiply quickly and find shelter in other parts your home. You can also call to plan an appointment or to refer to our pest solution specialists to have any of your flea control questions answered.