Fontana California

With an estimated population of 203,003, Fontana city was founded by Azariel Blanchard Miller in 1913. However, the city, located in San Bernardino remained relatively calm until World War II. Businessman Henry J. Kaiser started a large steel mill in the area and suddenly it sprung into life.

The name Fontana comes from the Italian word ‘fontana’, which means a water source or fountain. This came to be due to its proximity to the Santa Ana River to the west.

The city has now evolved into a regional center of the trucking industry. The interstate 10 and State Route 210 transacts the city from west to east while the interstate 15 passes diagonally through its north western quadrant.

The city boasts of having the San Bernardino County‘s largest system of libraries, a remodeled historic theatre, a municipal park and the auto club speedway on the site of the Kaiser Steel mill.

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Brief History

After being formed by Azariel Miller, the city became an agricultural town of citrus orchards, chicken ranches, and vineyards. The city was also boosted by the development of one of the two steel mills.

In order to cater for the workers’ health needs, Henry J. Kaiser constructed the Fontana Kaiser Permanente medical center. It is now the biggest managed care organization in the United States.

Climate and topography

At times Fontana can be really hot in the summer with almost over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. The city is normally affected by the strong, hot and dry Santa Ana Winds. They usually blow through the near Cajon Pass of the San Gabriel Mountains from the Mojave Desert.

The City is built atop a geographically young, gently southward-sloping alluvial fan from the nearby Lytle Creek. The city’s registered elevation, marked from the northeast corner of the intersection of Upland Avenue and Sierra Avenue, downtown by City Hall, is 1,237 feet (377 m).

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The city of Fontana has a population of more than 203,003 residents.

The racial composition of the city was 45.0% White, 11.8% African American, 1.1% Native American, 4.4% Asian, 0.3% Pacific Islander, 31.9% from other races, and 5.4% from two or more races. Hispanic or Latino of any race were 57.7% of the people.


The city’s economy is mainly driven by the industries, particularly the truck-based ones. The city is the base to many truck dealerships and many other industrial equipment sell centers. It also has many product distribution centers for companies such as Target, Toyaota, Mercedes-Benz, Sears, Southern California Edison, Avery Dennison, and Home Shopping Network.

Fontana is also home to many small developers of building materials and other locally used products. The city also has several local purchasing hubs, such as the Summit Heights Gateway/Falcon Ridge Town Center at the north end of the city, and Palm Court in the southern area.

Undoubtedly, the city’s largest economic engine is the Auto Club Speedway. Even though technically not inside the city limits, the Speedway delivers tens of thousands of racing fans and a handful of teams to the area for a few days each year, which can be a big boom for local restaurants, motels, hotels, and auto service stations.

Social Amenities

The city has various hospitals and medical facilities. Most notably is the Kaiser Permanente-Fontana Hospital. Located on Sierra Avenue.

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One of the notable and well-known developments of the city is the Lewis Library and Technology Center. They opened in April 2008. At a projected cost of over $60,000,000, this facility was made likely through a mixture of private and public reserves. It is the biggest library in the San Bernardino County Library System.

Most residents at the city attend schools within the Fontana Unified School District.

Auto Club Speedway, a racetrack that acts as a host to the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series and Xfinity Series, along with the IndyCar Series and multiple shorter races, is positioned in an unincorporated part of Fontana, on Cherry Avenue.

Did You Know?

The city also hosts the Fontana Days Half Marathon and the 5K run. It is considered to be the fastest half-marathon course in the world.