Rats are among the most harmful and destructive rodents that terrorize human beings. Whether you are a homeowner or it’s at your place of work, you do not deserve to see rats scurrying around. We are here to ensure this does not happen to you.

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We are Rancho Cucamonga, a fast growing business in the field of rat extermination. We are located in California, and we aim to provide only the most impeccable service to our clients.

Why get rid of rats?

We all know that rats are harmful, but do we know to what extent?

The reason why rats are one of the most feared rodents yet they are so small is because they will not only destroy your property, but they are also a hazard to health. Rats carry diseases, both directly and indirectly. They can either spread the disease themselves, or the mites they carry might do that job for them.

Their constant gnawing will bring you electrical problems since rats chew pipes and even gas lines, which can cause electric shocks and worse, fires. They are not so kind to your outdoors either. Your landscape will never look the same after a rat infestation.

If you have been planning to try to eliminate them on your own, think again! They multiply very fast, and within no time, you have a bunch of rats running around. Setting traps may prove effective for a while but not so much. At this point, you get so frustrated that only professionals can get you out of such a mess.

And we are always on call, waiting to serve.

Why hire us

Most companies will say that rat extermination is costly, but not us. You will not only get top-notch service, but you will also pay very fair rates for our services.

And that’s not all, we have certified, highly skilled and well-trained staff who will go an extra mile to ensure your rat problem is solved. The best part is, we will offer our services for your indoors and even outdoors, for both residential and commercial properties.

What’s more, we only use approved products that will not damage your property and also offer both long term and short term solutions on how to deal with a rat infestation.

•      Initial assessment

When you call us, we will visit your premises and make an evaluation of the extent of infestation and damage. If there is no damage caused and there are very few rats, we advise on very simple actions to take to eradicate them completely.

•      Prevention and management

Even if you do not have a rat problem but are afraid it might happen, contact us, and we will guide you on how to avoid this from happening. Additionally, we seal all openings that rats can come in through and even advise your neighbors to do the same to rule out all chances of an infestation fully.

Lastly, we always ensure we clean up after offering our services, at no extra charge. Why not contact us today? You will not be disappointed.