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Residential Pest Control

Residential pest control is something that’s typically not a big deal to homeowner; that is until they figure out how hard some pests are to get rid of. Ants and roaches are among the toughest and often times the home sprays are the ones that act as a bait for some breeds.


Most people aren’t aware that you can’t spray for all breeds with the same poison. This goes for the ants too and some other bugs that come in many breeds. The German cockroach, for example, are the ones who are the first sign of infestation and that will spread fast. The best thing you can do when you see any signs at all of an infestation is to call us immediately.

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We are a third generation pest control company for both residential and commercial. We have certifications for every pest and wildlife issue available. Why do we bother with all that when after all it’s only a bug? Well, maybe 30 years or more ago we could say that. But now, there is no two ways about it, the bugs are on the rise and the old ways of extermination are no longer effective. Most people aren’t aware that they are mutating into resistant bugs. This is seen most in the roaches and fleas. Even the flea meds for the dog or cat are being given internally because the meds we apply on the backs of the animals are no longer as effective.

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Residential spraying is just as important as commercial. Yes, one could lose a business if they are not able to control bugs in a business, especially a food-oriented business. But the health and wellbeing of your home and family as well as the property value is in danger when you allow pests to infest.


Rodents, the silent and dangerous infestation:

Rodents are one of the deadliest types of infestation you can have. This is a large part of our residential pest control services. Why? Because this is a serious health risk sort of infestation that is near impossible to be rid of if left too long. This tends to be because of the inherent nature of the rat and mouse. They, like the cockroaches have survived many ages and have strengthened in immunity and in number. But, more than this, they are an intelligent and trainable just like dogs. They have a very strong sense of survival.

Roaches and Ants

Roaches are one of those pesky creatures that have survived the ice age. They breed in the thousands and will infiltrate a home fast. You may only notice some breeds when they come out at night or you may see droppings in the form of tiny black or brown dots. There are many tell tale signs to look for but the point is you must call as soon as you suspect them even if you haven’t seen them. This is because infestations, left untreated are an expense. Why? Because eventually you’ll have to tent fumigate. This can run into a couple thousand that you have to factor in and prepare for. It’s always best to call and prevent or catch the issue before it happens.

Ants are another culprit that are not only annoying and destructive but they are uncomfortable. It’s not nice to have ants walking on you while you’re watching TV in the living room or sleeping. Ants come in a plethora of shapes and sizes. They arrive in the home through small cracks and crevasses but that is not where they come from. We will inspect where they came from and make necessary extermination plans. Different types of ants are to be dealt with in different ways. Call us for an appointment as soon as possible and we will perform our free inspection.


Silverfish and Other Bugs

Silverfish are those small silver bugs that you typically find in your laundry because they love to eat them. They also like warm out of the dryer linens as much as you do. We take care of all silverfish quickly and easily and will deal with everything from mosquitos on your property by spraying a barrier around the property. We deal with earwigs and other bugs that come out of the soil after rains.

There is very little rain in Southern California, but, when it does rain it will bring out a plethora of bugs including scorpion in some places. Make sure you call us for an assessment review.  We know that your home is the last place that your want to host pests!