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Rodents are a headache for anyone owning a property. So what do you do when you realize your property is fully infested by rodents? You call us!

We are Rancho Cucamonga rodent exterminators, based in California. With the use of the latest extermination methods and well-trained staff, we will ensure that you never have to see a rodent ever again.

Why you need to have the rodents removed

Rodents are bound to cause so much damage to your household or your building. They always gnaw which may even cause electric shocks and fires, if they get in contact with electrical wires. The gnawing will also create holes which will evidently be used as entry points by other insects.

Apart from that, you might get infected by various diseases as a result. Not only will they contaminate your food, but also they carry with them a variety of diseases like the rat-bite fever.

Rodents are a danger to your landscape. They will damage your lawns by the many holes they dig, and they may even go to the extent of destroying your irrigation systems.

You can imagine having to deal with any of these issues.it will not only cost you a lot of money, but it is also frustrating. You should, therefore, think of having them exterminated as soon as you realize your house or building is infested.

What we offer

  • Residential and commercial rodent control

Our services are best suited for both homeowners and the places of business. You do not have to deal with a rodent problem in either of the places. Contact us and let us handle them for you.

  • Rat and mouse control

At Rancho Cucamonga, we deal with extermination of all kinds of rodents. However, we realize that its rats and mice that will invade buildings in most cases. As a result, we have specialized in eliminating both rat and mice with the latest methods that will leave your house or workplace rodent free for a long time.

  • Rodent damage control

Rodents will inevitably destroy your house and even your landscape. We know this for a fact. What we do, is acting fast enough so that we can avoid any damages to your property. We advise that you call us the moment you see a rodent or notice any signs of one.

  • Rodent Prevention

Most of us would rather prevent something from happening rather than deal with its consequences when it happens. We have the same philosophy at Rancho Cucamonga rodent extermination.

  • Rodent management

By using our services, you can rest assured that you will never have to deal with a rodent issue ever again. We conduct periodic assessments to ensure that we effectively prevent any rodents from infesting your property and after extermination, we keep checking to ensure they don’t come back.

We will help seal your building in a way that it’s going to be hard for nay rodents to invade. This mainly involves accessing the building, identifying possible entry points and sealing them.

Each year, mice, and rats cause damage that is worth millions of dollars to agriculture. These pesky creatures cause significant damages to homes as well. In their path, they leave sickness and diseases on their trail. You need to employ rodent control procedures to keep your home or building safe.

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Rodent control is composed of myriads of methods and practices to keep these destructive animals away from residential spaces.

The Importance of Rodent Control: Maintain Your Family’s Health

If your home is infested with rats or you are constantly visited by mice in your backyard, you need to hire a rodent exterminator from No Pests Rancho Cucamonga for rodent removal service. Rats and mice are known to be carriers of diseases. As a matter of fact, rat infestations have been the cause of Europe’s Black Death in the middle Ages. Rats also bring about Lyme disease, leptospirosis, favus, and Hantavirus.

If you want to give your family a safe home to live in, you can start by hiring a rodent exterminator for a rodent removal service.

Rodent Control: Protect Your Investments

As mentioned previously, rodents cause a lot of damages in residential homes. Rats and mice chew almost anything that they can find. This includes appliances, clothing, and your home’s electrical wiring.

Moreover, their urine and feces are not just disgusting to deal with, but they also produce a smell that can be suffocating. The best move you can take to protect your home is by calling rodent and raccoon removal specialists like the ones fromNo Pests Rancho Cucamonga. Wiping out the entire rat population within your premises will give you peace of mind in knowing that you won’t have to pay for costly repairs and restorations.


With a competent rodent removal service, you can keep your home free from these stubborn critters. These animals don’t just cause structural damage to your home, but they can also attract even more dangerous animals to your property such as venomous snakes. Worse, your food and kitchen surfaces might get contaminated by their urine and feces.

Signs to Lookout For

You always have to retain an extra eye to rodent infestations to ensure your home is rodent-free. Rat droppings in less populated areas in your home can be a sign of an infestation that is starting to develop. Start investigating. If there are scampering sounds, odd rustling, and dried up or pooled urine within your home, you might want to call a rodent exterminator as soon as possible.

Rodent Removal Specialists

Although rats and mice are a nuisance, you won’t have to stress about them anymore because No Pests Rancho Cucamonga is there to provide you with exceptional solutions to your rodent infestation problems.

No Pests Rancho Cucamonga is one of the best in Rancho Cucamonga and they have skilled specialists who will be able to take care of the rodent control procedures for you. Damages caused by these animals will now be a thing of the past if you seek their help. Call No Pests Rancho Cucamonga today to get started.

Rodent Extermination

Health Issues

There are numerous health and damage issues connected with every rat problem. Rats are a vector for a number of diseases, bubonic plague which decimated Europe in the Middle Ages was attributable to rats and has been found in rodents in America in isolated situations in the last few years. In addition there are numerous heath issues that rats contribute to. The damage to structures that rats can do is considerable. They can undermine foundations and can cause fires through their gnawing behavior.

Get Rid of Rats & Other Rodents with No Pests Rancho Cucamonga

In a general sense, while there are some very important differences between rats and mice we believe proper rodent control follows the same basic formula. The difference is in the application of techniques, not philosophy. AtNo Pests Rancho Cucamonga, we believe that in order to properly eliminate your rodent problem, the client and pest control provider must work together:

  • Eliminate the current rodent population.
  • Identify the contributing factors involved in the issue and eliminate contributing issues.
  • Identify the rodent entry points and repair the deficiencies to prevent future issues.
  • Assess the external pressures to the structure and determine if a proactive rodent program is needed.

How do we do it?

While the “formula” does not change, the application of principles does change from client to client. The application of our protocols is dependent upon how the rodents have adapted to your environment and the uniqueness of your situation. This includes taking into consideration any sensitive situations such as children or pets. Some companies favor the trapping of rodents. Some companies lean towards chemical solutions to rodent problems.

We prefer to evaluate each situation individually. Normally we integrate multiple strategies to combat your issue successfully. As with all other aspects of pest control it is important to develop and implement a plan based on the uniqueness of your situation.

The cost of eliminating rats and other rodents in Rancho Cucamonga varies significantly, based on your rat extermination needs. This is because we can’t quote a price for a 3 bedroom house infested by rats, in the same way as giving a cost estimate for a west side studio apartment that has only a couple of rats.

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No Pests Rancho Cucamonga: Your Source for Affordable Rat Extermination

Successful rodent service is not a mystery; it is a combination of expertise, good old fashioned hard work, and client cooperation. Although many situations can be solved with a short-term program, some situations do call for some kind of ongoing service.

For instance, if your building is located next to a foreclosed, dilapidated, rat infested building, continuing service would be necessary until the problem on the conjoining property is solved. Our attention to detail combined with our expertise have allowed our company to help thousands of clients through similar situations, and we are confident that we can do the same for you.

Do you have rodent problem? We have a permanent solution!No Pests Rancho Cucamonga has specialized in providing rodent control and extermination services to Rancho Cucamonga and the surrounding areas.

Whether you are seeking to improve your home or your work environment, No Pests Rancho Cucamonga can get you the results you need. We provide all of our customers with a free inspection and estimate on-site!

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You don’t have to deal with rodent problems when you could be doing something else. Let us handle that for you. You will not only experience the best service, but you will get to save so much money because we have the most reasonably priced extermination services this side of town. Call us today!