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Rodent Extermination - Mice & Rats

One of the worst and by far most costly infestations is that of rodents. Rats and mice, even squirrels are a serious health threat and are a danger to the home. They all chew through wiring. Let’s paint a common picture so that you know what we encounter all the time. This way, you can not only make an educated decision about opting for treatment but this may also prompt you to discover signs in the house you may already have.

Rodents hide and breed in the walls, in attics and crawl spaces and under the home and in the floor space between the actual floor and the foundation. You may hear scratching, scurrying and eating or chewing noises coming from any of those spaces. If this sounds even remotely familiar, then call us now. There’s no time like the present. If you leave the dog dish full of food or water you may hear it rattle at night. This is a sign they’ve breached the integrity of the hiding place and have made it to the interior of the home.

Call us and we will do a safety inspection of the walls to find out if there is any suspected damage. Chewed wires can become hot and if you ever feel heat in the wall, the fire services should come first. If you hear chewing, or see a hole in the wall then call us. Holes can be up toward the ceiling or down near the ground.

Our Service

Sometimes rodents have to be treated differently. What service package you get depends less on the price and more on what stage the infestation is in. If it’s in its beginning stages, meaning one or two have found their way from the lawn to the house, then it may mean we place a glue board or two down to catch and dispose of them. We would also place traps on the outside of the home on the lawn. Once we can determine whether or not babies are involved, we will run another house inspection. If we find anything then we know that they have been breeding and there is more than one family. The most common is three to five rats or several families at once. They like to divide and conquer once they’ve found a hot spot. What makes a home a hot spot? Well, it’s not dirt or anything you could really prevent. Roof rats are the most common and will find themselves coming into a small hole and we mean a really small quarter-sized hole in the roof. Once they’re there they set up house. A clean kitchen and no dog or cat bowls help the situation.  There is no way of telling what exactly you should do except regular inspections twice a year so that we can keep up with the process and head them off. Do call us for a free home inspection now. What you don’t spend now could cost you later. Damaged wiring, walls and roofs cost way more than an annual treatment.

More about Rodents and our Process

The work Rodent means to gnaw which is what they do best and the disease they carry in their saliva and feces is dangerous. The Hanta virus has no cure and is found out west. There is lifelong treatment for that in a human and it’s not pretty. We are very devoted to the eradication of these creatures but, please take heed that we do not declare war on nature to do it. Our process begins with a few humane procedures. The most humane is the love traps. They simply trap them and we safely dispose of them elsewhere, far away from any home. The glue boards are meant to trap them and then when you hear the squeak, you can safely toss them outside or we offer the service to dispose of them properly. This is upsetting to the rat or mouse but as long as they are not left on the glue board they won’t gnaw their legs to achieve release.

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If all else fails and the infestation is so advanced that we have to take extreme measures, tenting and holes in the walls will have to be made. Sometimes in larger homes or homes where the residents aren’t there often, the infestation will go undetected. In this case we have no choice and then a full damage recovery will have to be done.

Yes, the subject of rodents isn’t a pretty one. There is no way around it and if you Google it, there is no exaggeration about it. Some of the situations of the unsuspecting families that we’ve walked in on are devastating. People have busy lives and sometimes sounds and the appearance of fecal matter may go undiscovered for a long time. It’s not always in the most obvious places.

Some Tips

Here are some professional tips for you and your family so you may prevent a situation or discover it in time. Always keep any area where food and/ or water are stored. The kitchen and the bathroom are two major league players in the rodent situation. They need water but they can’t turn on your faucets. They will come back for any water source they find like pet bowls. Keep food off the surfaces and off grills. Clean all areas after eating and leave nothing out. They have been known to eat through bags of bread and nibble through fruit. They have a hearty appetite and you don’t want to eat after them.

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Make sure you inspect cabinets regularly. Make sure you are checking in dark corners and in plates and bowls you don’t use much. You don’t want dried feces in the air. One tip for those in hot counties: if you see fecal matter that is black and white this is lizard not rodent. If it’s black, it’s rodent.

These facts are not meant to frighten you but we have these encounters daily and we want to educate folks in as truthful a way possible. These are the facts and home ownership comes with these little things to deal with. The quicker you deal with it the better. If you suspect anything call us now, the consultation is free you’ve got nothing to lose but rodents.