Is the Inland Empire an ant hill? We have been to hundreds of homes resolving ant problems.  If you see an ant hill in your yard, we stop the colony from taking over your property. Call now.

Rodents | Mice | Rats

Droppings in your attic and garage? Under your kitchen sink? The smell of a dead animal in your crawlspace? We understand that you don't want to wait until tomorrow to solve this problem. We have years of practice taking care of these enemies.

Bees & Wasps

If you need help with bees - we will get to you right away. It can be down right scary to watch swarms of angry bees buzzing around your home. We are very experienced at putting an immediate end to this kind of emergency.

Rancho Cucamonga Pest Control Services


Need a tenting? Dry rot problems?  We have been working with homeowners, property managers, Realtors and escrow personnel for decades to get the termites out! We understand that tenting is your last resort. We will make sure that the termites see our 'keep out' sign when we arrive in our truck to destroy them.

Bed Bugs

To resolve your bed bug challenges you need trained experts like us on the job. Bed bugs can go 90 days without eating! All over the country, 5 star hotels are losing the battle to these little BITING fellows. There are entire websites 'ratting out' these luxury resorts for their bed bug infestations. This is a serious challenge. We have a plan in place over the course of days so that we make sure to get to the root of this problem. We know exactly what to do to finish this job in a way that will put a smile on your face!

Rancho Cucamong Pest Removal Services


Our company has been serving the area for years. Our services are custom to the area. We take care of the common pests and we also take care of the indigenous pests that infest our area. We have a dry atmosphere which breeds pests like roaches coming to look for water and of course our old friend the scorpion. We also know that California has a wild side even in the desert and the wooded areas. Snakes and other wildlife think nothing of occupying our surroundings at their whim. We however, don’t agree. For those who love wildlife, we understand and have developed systems of capture and disposal that are friendly to the wildlife.

How It Works

We understand the pest control needs of the people in the Rancho area and beyond. We serve a wide variety of pest control customers with some specialized needs. The first thing you need to do is call us. Whether you have a new home or one that you’ve been in for a while, it’s always a proactive thing to have a pest control service in place at the beginning. This helps prevent infestations. When you call, be prepared to answer a few questions, nothing too important, just to give us an idea on the home size and property. After you speak to one of our pest control specialists we will have you make an appointment for a free assessment for your pest control treatment. Once the assessment is in place, we will come out and have a brief conversation about your pest control needs along with what we’ve found. There is a 7 point inspection we do in the home and a 10 point inspection that we do in your business. We are the professionals that know what to look for to uncover pests, rodents and wildlife. We can spot where they’ve been and in some cases for how long. This is important that you have a good idea of what you are dealing with.

We have packages that will help fit any sort of budget so there is no worries about not being able to afford treatment. If you have a business, this is especially important because you don’t want your customers to see any kind of pest issue and that’ not just for businesses that deal with food.


These are the bane in the lives of most people. There are people that are deathly afraid of these pests, especially the flying kind and we have more than our share of that. Some, will literally call and say that they are staying with a relative until the infestation is gone. We aren’t joking about the gravitas of the situation. There is hope with us; we have the best in roach treatment available and here’s a tip to make sure you can help the process run even smoother. Let us know if you’ve used any over the counter treatments and what they were. We aren’t here to judge but most of those over the counter brand roach killers are no more than bait to make them come on worse. We have to know how to combat them effectively and it helps a lot to know as much about the situation as possible. We also suggest a secure and affordable maintenance program as soon as possible.

Silverfish and Spiders:

We take care of every known common and uncommon pest a home or business will have. We will all be faced with a pest issue regardless of how clean or neat our home or business is. Here’s a little trivia: the black widow is one of the most deadly spiders that invade homes but, the last thing she wants is a home that’s dusty and dirty. Her preference is only a clean and neat existence for her and her young.

Silverfish loves the clean as well. They especially love to hide in your clean, crisp and warm linens. However, if you’ve ever seen one, you wouldn’t want them as bedfellows so please, if you see a multi pedal silver-gray bug, call us immediately.

Fleas and  Scorpions:

If you have pets, then most likely you’ll battle fleas. Best to call the first time you see the first one and remember, calling us is only half the battle. As soon as you are aware that you have them, you must treat the pet. Fleas have evolved to resist a lot of treatments you used to buy. Now, it’s best to treat them from the inside out so ask your vet. It’s actually less expensive and the pill lasts 3 months.
Scorpions are one of those dangerous creatures that are at the very least painful and at the very best deadly. The black scorpion is the most common and still needs to be dealt with immediately before it has babies. The small brown scorpion can kill and can crawl inside a shoe and wait for an unsuspecting foot.

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