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Termite Inspections

Termites make an environment unbearable to stay in, and it’s vital that you seek control services to ascertain if there are termites on your property. Inspection is always ideal before you buy or build a house.

At Rancho Cucamonga termite inspection, we will not only come in and conduct a thorough review for you, but we will also ensure that we exterminate any existing termites. This will save you a lot of money in the long term that you would otherwise have used for repairs and treatment.


We are a certified inspection company, with a highly experienced workforce who are dedicated to giving only the best service to our clients. The best part being, you won’t have to pay for services not rendered. Our rates are very reasonable, which is a small price to pay for exceptional service.

Our customer care also works around the clock, responding to your calls to ensure that you do not feel left out. We are one big family, and our customers are our priority any time of day.

What we do

We offer an extensive range of customized services for our clients, for both commercial and residential properties. We always go with what you want and tailor our services according to your specific requirements.

•    Inspection

On receiving your call, we like conducting our consultation at the site so that we can be able to assess the situation. More often than not, you will not have an infestation, and all we will do is come in at a later date, conduct the inspection and issue a report.

In case you have a termite problem, we will hold further discussions on how best to go about it keeping in mind your time frame. We know that for site developers primarily, you work on a schedule and so we like giving a timely service.

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•    Prevention

You might not have a termite infestation, but we like advising you on how you can keep this from happening in the future, by giving a few tips. We will help you with some of the tasks if you are not capable of handling it by yourself.

  • Always clean drainage pipes on your property
  • Ensure that you eliminate any areas moisture might collect by fixing pipes and AC
  • Always keep your plants in a good healthy state
  • You should caulk any cracks you identify on utility pipes or foundation of the building
  • Ensure that firewood is stored away from the house
  • Conduct periodic assessments of your outdoor structures to ensure there is no infestation

•    Management

To ensure that we give a full service, we also offer to keep visiting your premises once in a while to monitor the progress.

The bottom line is, when it comes to termites, trying to solve the problem yourself rarely works. You need a certified professional for the inspection and any subsequent extermination. Call us today to take care of all your termite needs.


Termite Tenting

Termites can invade anywhere in your home. But they can’t hide from us! Our home fumigation (“tenting”) process is a complete and efficient treatment for getting rid of your termite problem. And our guarantee ensures future treatments or damage repairs won’t cost you a cent.


Tenting is an extensive process in which specific tarps are placed over your home, joined at rolled seams using heavy-duty clamps, and loaded at the bottom to create a seal. Fumigant is dispersed, penetrating every area of the home, as well as hard-to-treat areas.

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Main advantages with Our Fumigation Management Plan:

  • Licensed, Bonded, and Insured.
  • Residential fumigation, including apartment complexes.
  • Commercial fumigation, including office buildings and manufacturing facilities.
  • Ship and railcar fumigation.
  • Vehicles, boats, and trailers.
  • Furniture and other items.
  • Grain silos and warehouses.

We provide structural fumigations to eliminate Drywood termites, Powderpost Beetles, Old House Borers and other pests. This process includes completely enclosing and taping the house with a nylon fumigation tent and maintaining a toxic concentration of the chosen fumigant gas during the exposure period. All of our fumigations are conducted by State Certified Pest Control Operators educated in the category of fumigation.

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How the Tenting system works

We perform termite inspection to check for signs of a current termite infestation. After review, specialized tarps are placed over the entire structure and joined at rolled seams using heavy-duty locks. The tarps are anchored at the bottom to create a seal and hold in the fumigant.

Then our Fumigant is dispersed, penetrating all wood timbers, trim, finished wood, and furniture, as well as hard-to-treat wall studs, thereby eliminating termites. You can securely return to your place in 2-3 days.

For as long as you proceed with your plan, we will continue to inspect your home for new termite activity on an annual basis. If we find anything, you are covered against treatment and damage repair costs.


How long does this process take you may ask?

You should anticipate to safely get back to your place in two to three days. This will provide time for the fumigant to do its function and scatter to safe levels.

Difference between Tenting and Other Treatments

Fumigation, also known as tenting, is one of the treatment options for dealing with active termites.

Localized “spot” treatment controls only the termite activity in the specific area and often involves drilling into infested areas.

Keep in mind that control methods for termites do not control subterranean termites.

Is Tenting Safe?

Tenting requires an experienced, licensed pest management company. It is the only method to ensure 100% control of termites and some circumstances including wood-boring beetles.

The method itself poses some dangers when tenting while the fumigant is being restrained. After the tarps are separated, however, the home is aired out and cleared, and no residue is left behind.

Contact us!

That’s it. You don’t have to do anything else. But if termites dare show any sign of activity between your inspections, call us. We’ll re-inspect right away and stop them in their tracks.